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A charge appeared from this company on our AT&T phone bill. I didn't recognize it and certainly didn't authorize "Intellicall Ops Svs" to attached nearly $60/month to our phone bill.

I called them up and their representative said they would issue a credit for all the charges - a total of $58.95. Fortunately this was the first month this fraud showed up on our phone bill. The operator didn't argue, nothing. Just said, "Is this about a call from the Netherlands?

We've been having a lot of trouble with the Netherlands lately." Yeah, right. Just call them up and tell them this is a fradulent charge. Whenever I get a call asking, "May I speak to the responsible person in charge of your AT&T phone bill?" I always say, "Sorry, not interested." and hang up. If you ask them if they are actually calling from AT&T, they do a song and dance not to have to answer that question.

I hate this stuff.

I have never spoken to anybody from this company...don't know how they leeched onto our phone bill.

Monetary Loss: $58.

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